What are Implant Support Crowns?

Implant supported crowns are helpful once an implant has been given enough time to heal. The implant will often heal in about three to six months, though this varies from one patient to another. Once the implant's healed fully, we make a customized restoration for the area. This is known as an implant supported dental crown.

Why would Implant Support Crowns be necessary?

An implant by itself does not fill in your smile. It only acts as a foundation for restorations. The restoration needs to be made for you separately and will have its own life span. Most implant supported crowns can last for decades. They are made to look like all of the rest of your own natural teeth.

Who is a candidate for Implant Support Crowns?

The best candidate for these crowns is someone who has recently undergone implant surgery and has given the restoration time to heal completely. This means that the implant is no longer loose and is fully stabilized within the jawbone. Likewise, someone who already has this restoration may need to replace it as it begins to wear down. This is normal and can be done in our office as well.

What can you expect with Implant Support Crowns

The implant supported crown procedure starts with impressions. You will give the implant time to heal and then come into the office to have these molds taken. The molds are sent to one of our trusted local labs where the new crown is made just for you. You will be contacted once the crown is finished and ready to be placed. We place the crown at a secondary appointment and adjust it as needed. You'll benefit from having a gorgeous and full smile that is long-lasting and incredibly durable for your every need. Implants are a wonderful way to avoid compromising many of your other natural teeth.

If you think you would benefit from an implant supported crown, contact us today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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